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Phrom Phong

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kodawari ~ Onigiri & Deli ~

Convenient, tasty and best deli with heedfulness in “kodawari” style. “kodawari” provides easy-to-eat deli such as onigiri, donburi rice, norimaki rolls, and inari sushi. Most of the shops mainly locate in department stores with good access. There are plenty of tasty dishes that you can have when you are a little hungry, or to fulfil […]


There are many regular customers who are attracted to mom’s personality! Sachiko Mama, known as a famous landlady and a famous mama. Frienz is both a Japanese snack and small restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Japanese food. Even one person can easily visit and it is also a place where businessmen returning from work […]

Saan Hakata Coffee

Delicious home-roasted coffee in Bangkok A popular Japanese breakfast service serves with toast and eggs when you order drinks such as coffee and tea. Lunch menu is abundant, breads are also available which is perfect for when you are a little hungry. There is also a service where you can choose your favorite beans and […]

Gold Curry Bangkok

Making the rich and unique taste of Kanazawa curry with passion A rich black roux, and a heap of cabbage. When you first see it, some people think that rice is not on it, but this way of serving is also a representation of the characteristics of Kanazawa curry. Whether you feel nostalgic or not, […]

Bankara Ramen

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen with rich backfat Tokyo Tonkotsu Bankara was the first Ramen shop opened in Bangkok, and boasts great popularity in Thailand. Both Tonkotsu based Shoyu Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen have a rich taste, and the rich umami flavour of backfat are addictive to many people. Many famous Japanese Ramen shops are opened in […]

Ginryu Yakiniku Kenkyujo

All-you-can-eat Yakiniku and hot pot at only 299 Baht All-you-can-eat 299 Baht where you can enjoy Yakiniku and hot pot! Ginryu Yakiniku Kenkyujo is a Yakiniku restaurant that is kind to your wallet even if you visit with your family. A buffet comes with about 10 kinds of daily Obanzai (Traditional style of Japanese cuisine), […]

Sainokuni Kaisen-ya

Directly Imported ingredients from Aya no Kuni that convey the four seasons of Japan A “Seafood Restaurant” where the owner from Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, cooks fresh vegetables from his hometown which brings the four seasons and seasonal flavors of Japan to Bangkok. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy real Japanese taste, along with […]


Casual dining where you can casually enjoy Japanese Western foods and wines. “MY PORCH” offers from authentic Italian foods to Western dishes such as pizza, pasta, and gratin that are familiar to Japanese people and the wine cellar has a wide variety of menus. The karaoke room is perfect for parties and is a restaurant […]

Azuma Soba 1st Branch Soi 33

Enjoy hot or cold soba up to 3 portions at one price! If you want to try tasty soba in Bangkok, raw soba “Azuma” here is the choice. We offer best deal soba set that you can eat 3 portions but pay only 1 portion which is popular among Bangkok residents. As you can see […]

Genshiyaki Hokkaido 1st Branch

Enjoy the splendid grilled fresh seafoods from Hokkaido! A popular izakaya with well selected sake and original grill. The Omakase course, which you can taste fresh seafoods selected by Hokkaido fishermen, is ideal not only for welcome and farewell parties or entertainment, but also for family dinners. You can enjoy the unique taste of Hokkaido, […]