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Ramen Ajisai at Thonglor

Authentic rich Tsukemen with aroma of seafood The basic of soup is pork bone. Ramen Ajisai has new menu every month based on the soup, and allows you to meet new tastes whenever you visit. The richness of soy sauce and lard, which are familiar to Japanese people, is perfect for tightening after drinking. The […]

Bankara Ramen

Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen with rich backfat Tokyo Tonkotsu Bankara was the first Ramen shop opened in Bangkok, and boasts great popularity in Thailand. Both Tonkotsu based Shoyu Ramen and Tonkotsu Ramen have a rich taste, and the rich umami flavour of backfat are addictive to many people. Many famous Japanese Ramen shops are opened in […]

Nojiya Yushi

More than 30 types of local ramen from all over Japan! Nojiya Yushi is a Convenience Ramen restaurant which opens until midnight. You can enjoy local ramen from all over Japan while focusing on local ramen from Hokkaido and Yamagata. We keep updating Japanese trend, so you can taste a menu such as Ramen Jiro […]

Tonkotsu Kazan Thailand

“Fun to see” “Tasty to eat” the volcanic ramen is a must! Tonkotsu Kazan’s “volcano ramen” is fun to see on the signboard menu and tasty. We put noodles in a stone pot, add ingredients on it, and finally pour the soup in front of the customer and cover it with a conical lid. it’s […]