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GYU-kaku Thailand

A Japanese yakiniku chain store with its stable taste If you want to eat Japanese yakiniku instead of Korean yakiniku, don’t hesitate to go to GYU-kaku. GYU-kaku, which is also the largest Japanese yakiniku chain store in Thailand, is very popular among Thai people because of its stable taste that allows you to enjoy the […]

SAN KYU Yakiniku

Enjoy the taste of the high-class Yakiniku restaurant ‘Jojoen’ in Bangkok At SAN KYU Yakiniku, which is a popular Yakiniku restaurant opened by a Thai who has worked in Jojoen for more than 10 years, all the sauce and soup to be added to the meat have the same taste as Jojoen. It is a […]

Ginryu Yakiniku Kenkyujo

All-you-can-eat Yakiniku and hot pot at only 299 Baht All-you-can-eat 299 Baht where you can enjoy Yakiniku and hot pot! Ginryu Yakiniku Kenkyujo is a Yakiniku restaurant that is kind to your wallet even if you visit with your family. A buffet comes with about 10 kinds of daily Obanzai (Traditional style of Japanese cuisine), […]

Yakiniku Kirabi

Reasonably priced A4 and A5 beef selected from all over Japan. “Yakiniku-Kirabi-” is known that it is difficult to make a reservation. On Saturdays and Sundays, we only accept reservations immediately after opening at 17:00, and after that you have to wait for a long time even if you come to the restaurant. You can […]