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kodawari ~ Onigiri & Deli ~

Convenient, tasty and best deli with heedfulness in “kodawari” style. “kodawari” provides easy-to-eat deli such as onigiri, donburi rice, norimaki rolls, and inari sushi. Most of the shops mainly locate in department stores with good access. There are plenty of tasty dishes that you can have when you are a little hungry, or to fulfil […]

at ease Silom 3 MASSAGE & SPA

A blissful time with a comfortable massage in a clean place. The healing effect of the scent when you step inside at ease. Here is a cozy space where you can relax before massage. If talking about Japanese massage shops in Bangkok, at ease, which is sure to be named, has high techniques and hospitality. […]


Honey treatment & transparent color the signature here. The Balcony does not make just a fashionable hairstyle, but an essential beauty that overflows from inside to outside by beautiful and healthy hair. Flow with the latest trends in Tokyo and let the hairdresser protect your hair health with the highest quality products and create a […]