Gold Curry Bangkok

11/11/2020 Update

Making the rich and unique taste of Kanazawa curry with passion

A rich black roux, and a heap of cabbage. When you first see it, some people think that rice is not on it, but this way of serving is also a representation of the characteristics of Kanazawa curry. Whether you feel nostalgic or not, try Kanazawa Curry, which is special and unique.

Gold Curry is also known as a curry shop where you can have an Eating Challenge among Thai people. It seems that many people are trying to get a prize of over 100,000 Yen if they eat 2 to 10 kg of curry within the time limited. Of course, there are various menus for regular size curry, so even people who are not confident in eating can enjoy. You can choose the amount of curry from SS size to LL size, but if you are a woman, the volume is so large that some people couldn’t finish it even in S size. It’s a rich roux, but if you eat it with cabbage, it’s just right. If you want to see the richness of Kanazawa curry, which is a bit different from home-made curry, come visit Gold Curry.


Gold Curry Bangkok

20/3 Soi Sukhumvit 39 Sukhumvit Rd  (Map)
No holidays
  • Private room :No
  • Credit card :VISA/Master/JCB

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