Sainokuni Kaisen-ya

11/10/2020 Update

Directly Imported ingredients from Aya no Kuni that convey the four seasons of Japan

A “Seafood Restaurant” where the owner from Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, cooks fresh vegetables from his hometown which brings the four seasons and seasonal flavors of Japan to Bangkok. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy real Japanese taste, along with the freshest seafood delivered from Japan three times a week.

Even in Bangkok, where you can rarely feel the four seasons, many people feel spring with the spring vegetables tempura from a seafood restaurant, which is a popular menu at our restaurant. Tempura made from Chichibu mountain spring vegetables such as butterbur and Udo with a crispy texture goes well with sake. The unique aroma that makes you feel the seasons while having a simple taste, and the subtle bitterness and umami that spreads in your mouth, are charms that other ingredients don’t exist. There are many other dishes that you can taste the ingredients themselves, such as Japanese Ginger and shallot dipped with Fukimiso, our popular menu that you can’t find them at other Japanese restaurants and izakaya.


Sainokuni Kaisen-ya

261/2 Sukhumvit Soi 22  (Map)
The first and third sunday
  • Credit card :VISA / MASTER / JCB

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