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Nojian x Ashibi

Authentic Japanese food at a reasonable price NojianxAshibi is a Japanese restaurant that delivers real Japanese taste, from original menus to classic Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura. We also have a wide selection of soba menus, such as authentic 100% soba and Yamagata meat soba with plenty of meat on top. Inside […]

Sainokuni Kaisen-ya

Directly Imported ingredients from Aya no Kuni that convey the four seasons of Japan A “Seafood Restaurant” where the owner from Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, cooks fresh vegetables from his hometown which brings the four seasons and seasonal flavors of Japan to Bangkok. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy real Japanese taste, along with […]


TEPPEN-style hospitality that “makes the world happy from foods” Many people are surprised at the overwhelming cost performance of “Teppen”. The price is set as we are particularly providing ingredients directly from Japan at reasonable prices to those who want to eat genuine Japanese foods. Teppen as the goal and philosophy of “making the world […]

Shakariki432″ ASOKE

Osaka’s soul foods that grabbed the hearts of Thais. Here is popular among Japanese people. New branches are being opened one after another with the catch phrase “departure a train before all passengers are on board”, which is familiar for expats in Bangkok. “Shakariki 432” is also known as a restaurant where you can eat, […]

Kiraku Izakaya

Fully equipped with karaoke room! A bar you can have drinks or banquets alone. “Kiraku” Izakaya is a nice place to choose with its counter seats, table seats, and karaoke rooms to suit your needs. There is a wide variety of menus, from a snack for sake to a set meal that can be ordered […]


Welcoming you with an abundant menu and impressive customer service Our izakaya “Aniki” opened in 2012 when the owner, who loves izakaya, persuaded Mr. Itamae, who has a great skills. We added various menus up tp 400 from customers’ requests and also from what we wanted to eat. All the dishes made by Mr. Itamae, […]

Washoku Aji

450 kinds of raw bluefin tuna and standard menus directly from Japan! Otoro and Chutoro tuna shipped directly from Japan are available here at reasonable prices. Some say that the 450 kinds of our astonishing menus is No. 1 in the industry. With a wide variety of menus, there are many ways to enjoy the […]

Genshiyaki Hokkaido 1st Branch

Enjoy the splendid grilled fresh seafoods from Hokkaido! A popular izakaya with well selected sake and original grill. The Omakase course, which you can taste fresh seafoods selected by Hokkaido fishermen, is ideal not only for welcome and farewell parties or entertainment, but also for family dinners. You can enjoy the unique taste of Hokkaido, […]

Genshiyaki Hokkaido Ekamai

EEven Hokkaido locals are also convinced! Freshly selected seafoods at reasonable price. An izakaya where you can have lunch with your family and friends on weekends, and entertain on weekdays.The seafoods are landed just the day before we serve you directly right on the menu. No matter how many times you visit, you will surely […]