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Ramen Ajisai at Thonglor

Authentic rich Tsukemen with aroma of seafood The basic of soup is pork bone. Ramen Ajisai has new menu every month based on the soup, and allows you to meet new tastes whenever you visit. The richness of soy sauce and lard, which are familiar to Japanese people, is perfect for tightening after drinking. The […]

Hamakatsu Thailand

We recommend a set meal that you can eat at lunch or dinner with a friendly price Hamakatsu was as a model of more than 100 Tonkatsu specialty stores, mainly in Kyushu which founded in 1962. A5 rank Wagyu beef sirloin, special miso katsu, eel and udon pork cutlet are also available, and the lunch […]


Hometown taste made by a curry lover from Hokkaido Soup curry, a soul food from Hokkaido. It has a complex taste that contains more than 20 kinds of spices, and it has a reputation for being addictive to its smooth and rich flavour of soup. Please enjoy the original soup curry created by the owner […]

Nojian x Ashibi

Authentic Japanese food at a reasonable price NojianxAshibi is a Japanese restaurant that delivers real Japanese taste, from original menus to classic Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura. We also have a wide selection of soba menus, such as authentic 100% soba and Yamagata meat soba with plenty of meat on top. Inside […]

Nojiya Yushi

More than 30 types of local ramen from all over Japan! Nojiya Yushi is a Convenience Ramen restaurant which opens until midnight. You can enjoy local ramen from all over Japan while focusing on local ramen from Hokkaido and Yamagata. We keep updating Japanese trend, so you can taste a menu such as Ramen Jiro […]

Yakiniku Kirabi

Reasonably priced A4 and A5 beef selected from all over Japan. “Yakiniku-Kirabi-” is known that it is difficult to make a reservation. On Saturdays and Sundays, we only accept reservations immediately after opening at 17:00, and after that you have to wait for a long time even if you come to the restaurant. You can […]


Welcoming you with an abundant menu and impressive customer service Our izakaya “Aniki” opened in 2012 when the owner, who loves izakaya, persuaded Mr. Itamae, who has a great skills. We added various menus up tp 400 from customers’ requests and also from what we wanted to eat. All the dishes made by Mr. Itamae, […]


Honey treatment & transparent color the signature here. The Balcony does not make just a fashionable hairstyle, but an essential beauty that overflows from inside to outside by beautiful and healthy hair. Flow with the latest trends in Tokyo and let the hairdresser protect your hair health with the highest quality products and create a […]