11/6/2020 Update

Welcoming you with an abundant menu and impressive customer service

Our izakaya “Aniki” opened in 2012 when the owner, who loves izakaya, persuaded Mr. Itamae, who has a great skills. We added various menus up tp 400 from customers’ requests and also from what we wanted to eat. All the dishes made by Mr. Itamae, who has long experience in Japanese, French, and Italian foods, which made lots of people confused what to choose. It is a popular restaurant in Thonglor, where the residents who frequently visit to enjoy the cheerful voice of our staffs and delicious foods.

There are plenty of seating options, such as digging seats, 9 private rooms, which can be used for various purposes such as family entertainment or drinking parties with colleagues and friends. There are more than 10 types of Thai food menus including traditional dishes, Japanese foods such as simmered or boiled dishes, which is served only with superb ingredients, so you will not get bored of visiting every day. As well as banquets with a large number of people, there are also assorted sushi and tempura that you can calmly eat alone. So it is recommended when you are wondering what to have for your dinner. Don’t forget to try our various izakaya menus.



2nd Fl., Anechvanich Bldg., Sukhumvit 55 Rd.  (Map)
02-392-1853 / 062-329-9788
No holidays
  • Private room :Yes
  • Credit card :VISA/ MASTER/ JCB
  • Parking space :Yes

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