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GYU-kaku Thailand

A Japanese yakiniku chain store with its stable taste If you want to eat Japanese yakiniku instead of Korean yakiniku, don’t hesitate to go to GYU-kaku. GYU-kaku, which is also the largest Japanese yakiniku chain store in Thailand, is very popular among Thai people because of its stable taste that allows you to enjoy the […]

Katsushin (Suriwongse Branch)

Bring the taste of our original branch in Yushima, Tokyo here in Bangkok Our thick pork cutlet is made by domestic pork with sprinkling bread crumbs. Since the opening of the Bangkok bracnch, the taste of the exquisite pork cutlet offered at the Yushima original branch has been passed down unchanged. Tonkatsu, which is characterized […]

at ease Silom 3 MASSAGE & SPA

A blissful time with a comfortable massage in a clean place. The healing effect of the scent when you step inside at ease. Here is a cozy space where you can relax before massage. If talking about Japanese massage shops in Bangkok, at ease, which is sure to be named, has high techniques and hospitality. […]